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Precast Manufacturing Unit
RECAFCO Factory is located in road no. MA5 of Western Sector of Shuaiba. Industrial area, in Mina Abdulla. Overall area of the factory is 60,000 square meter. It was basically designed and built in 1977 as a Precast Concrete Factory by a German Co. to produce 200M3 of Pre-cast Concrete Products per day. It was built with five Production Halls and a Storage Hall (Hall Nos. 1 to 6). Due to rapid growth in demand of pre-cast products in the local market, in the year 2010, two more additional production Halls (namely Hall no. 7 & 8) measuring 5000 square meter have been added to produce additional 150M3 per day of pre-cast concrete products to cater the market demand.
This production hall is mainly dedicated for production of double tee slabs which has built in pre-stressing abutments for installation of strands in the double tee units. Installation of strands is done with mono-strand pre-stressing jacks (periodically calibrated for applied stress measurement confirmatory test). Double tee mould in this hall is 88 meter long, made with concrete with steel metal sheet lining. Double tee slab up to 22 meter span and 2.4 meter width (adjustable) in three lines can be produced in this hall. It has in-built pipes for circulating heated oil for accelerated curing. Concrete is vibrated in these moulds by using poker vibrators and beam vibrators. Production capacity in this hall for double tee slabs is 200 square meter per day.

In the remaining area of (8x100 M), all other kinds of pre-cast structural concrete products are produced. Circulated steam in pipes is also available in this hall for accelerated curing. Compressed air through pipes is available in addition for cleaning, de-moulding activities etc.

This hall is served by 4 Nos. x 16Ton capacity overhead traveling cranes for production and product handling purpose.
This hall is served by 2 x 5 Ton capacity overhead traveling cranes and this hall consists of steel mould / fixtures Workshop, Carpentry Workshop, Production Control Office and a Material Store. The workshop has variety of equipments such as lathe Machine, Cut-off machine, and various kinds of drilling, grinding, cutting, welding machines. The Carpentry shop is equipped with equipment such as bank saw, tilting circular arbor saw, thickness planer, angle cutter, pressing and jointing machine etc to cater any kind of carpentry works. The entire production, planning and control are being monitored from the Production office in this hall.
This production hall has mould facility (68 meters in length) to produce prestressed spine beams and piles. Besides it has long casting tables with mould vibrators to produce Precast Panels, Columns and other elements of maximum size 3.5m x 8m in various thicknesses. Circulated steam in pipes is available in this hall for accelerated curing and compressed air through pipes is also available for cleaning, de-moulding activities etc. This hall is served by 4 x 10 Ton capacity overhead traveling cranes for production and handling related activities.
This is mainly used to produce steel reinforcement cages and is served by 2 x 5 Ton capacity overhead cranes. This hall is equipped with several bar bending machines and linked with reinforcement cutting and measuring carriage along with the material feeding winch.
Pre-cast wall cladding panels and other types of similar elements of maximum size 3.5m x 8.5m and of varying thickness is being produced in this hall. This hall is equipped with two (2) vibrating platforms and one (1) hydraulically operated table shifters of 12 Ton capacity. Moulds are brought over the vibrating platforms using the table shifter (Pilot transport table). Concrete from the batching plant is poured in the moulds through a traveling distributor and vibrated using the vibrating platforms. This hall is served by a 10 Ton capacity overhead traveling crane for stripping and handling for storage purpose.
This hall is partly used for storage of raw materials and partly for heating ovens. It has 13 curing chambers. The moulds with cast units are fed into these chambers from hall 5 by means of pilot transport table (table shifter).Temperature of these chambers are kept within 65 degree Centigrade.
These are additional production halls, each having production area of 130 x 17.5 M. The hall no. 7 has two (2) lines of steel double tee moulds (2.4 meter wide and about 90 meter long, each) with pre-stressing abutments. It has stressing abutments to produce pre-stressed beams as well. In the remaining areas of hall no. 7 & 8, any types of pre-cast elements can be produced. Each hall is served by 2 x 25 Ton overhead cranes. Circulated steam in pipes is available in this hall for accelerated curing. Compressed air through pipes is also available for cleaning, de-moulding activities etc.
All the production halls have weather roofs with side enclosures.
The batching plant is equipped with two fully computerized pan mixers of capacities 60M3/Hour and separate aggregate bins and spare bins. Mixers can produce 1M3 per batch. Three (3) cement silos each of 150 Ton capacity for type-1 and type-5 are available. In addition to this, one (1) cement silo of 60 Ton capacity for white cement is available. Chilled water supply provision is also available for hot weather concreting. Batching plant scales are periodically calibrated.
Concrete from the batching plant is transported by means of 3 concrete cars traveling on magnetic monorail to the production halls by discharging at three (3) fixed points. Concrete from these discharge points are transported by buckets using overhead cranes to pouring points in different moulds. In case of emergency, when the concrete cars are not operational, forklift/transit mixers are used to convey concrete from batching plant to the different production halls i.e. production hall nos. 1 to 4. Concrete is served in hall no 7& 8 from batching plant by 2 x 6M3 transit mixers and forklifts.
We have accelerated heat curing facility using both steam and circulated heated oil from central boilers.
Hall No.1, 2, 3, 7 & 8 are served by a 2 x 10 Ton capacity gantry crane. Hall No.4, 5 & 6 are served by a 10 Ton capacity gantry crane for storage and loading. Storage yard has provision for horizontal and vertical stacking of produced precast concrete elements. Produced elements from hall no.7 & 8 are transported by means of trailers to store under the gantry cranes before dispatch to sites.
It is equipped with three (3) cube crushing machines, oven, weighing balances, sieves, concrete workability measuring equipments and chemical analysis apparatus etc. to perform different types of quality control tests.