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RECAFCO has established its own production facility to supply high-quality GRC (Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete) products to the Kuwait market. Building upon its core capabilities as a respected producer of Precast Concrete, RECAFCO is now committed to offering a wide range of products utilizing the inherent strength and lower element weight properties of GRC.

What is G.R.C

GRC is a composite material using a cement/sand mix together with a plasticizer and polymer curing additive. This material is then either sprayed or cast with an Alkali Resistant Glassfibre which is distributed throughout the matrix. The addition of the Glassfibre imparts tensile properties to the material which is lacking in concrete alone. GRC has been successfully used for a wide variety of applications in Kuwait going back almost 40 years.


RECAFCO has acquired the latest machinery and innovations for GRC production and mould fabrication. These will allow digitized designs to be directly transferred to the master mould and finished product. This, coupled with the engagement of experienced professionals from the GRC Industry, will help us to achieve our goal become the leading producer of high-quality GRC in Kuwait.



Our Production

  • High-quality, lightweight cladding panels with the capability to provide a highly detailed surface design and texture.  The architect is able to realize complex and decorative forms in his design which can be faithfully and cost-effectively executed with this innovative material. Utilizing a steel backup system, large panels can be produced – up to 6 x 3 meters can be achieved.

  • Intricate screen panels and decorative elements – particularly traditional patterned sunscreens for daylight control of buildings. Panels can be used for purely decorative elements on building facades or boundary walls

  • Civil Engineering application – drainage elements, permanent formwork for bridge structures

  • Hard-landscaping features to enhance the urban environment - this includes planters, decorative screens, and rock-scape features.

Our Quality Assurance


RECAFCO is committed to maintaining the standard of quality management for its GRC production. Each panel will have its own ‘quality history’ of tests performed from the actual production batch. These records will be made available to all Clients and will give full confidence to all stakeholders in a project – Client, Consultant and Contractor.



RECAFCO will mobilize its resources to efficiently and accurately install the produced elements at the job site and will commit to timely execution of each project, furthermore, RECAFCO will ensure that high standards of Operational Safety and Environmental Responsibility are maintained throughout the GRC process.

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