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RECAFCO has established recently a new 'Hollow core' production facility to supply the construction needs in the Kuwait market such as hollow core Slabs, Beams, Column, Wall panels and Wide range of architectural finishes.


What is Hollowcore


A hollow core slab, also known as avoided slab, hollow core plank or simply a concrete plank is a precast slab of prestressed concrete typically used in the construction of floors in multi-story apartment buildings.


The precast concrete slab has tubular voids extending the full length of the slab, with a diameter equal to the 2/3-3/4 of the slab. This makes the slab much lighter than a massive solid concrete slab of equal thickness or strength. The reduced weight can lower the costs of transportation as well as concrete costs.


Prestressed hollow core floors have longitudinal cores to reduce the weight of the floor. The elements are available at different depths to satisfy the needs for span and loading

Hollowcore Advantages


  • The Speed of erection

  • The Heavyweight capacity

  • Exceptional fire resistance

  • Long Spans

  • Durability

  • lower self-weight

  • Flexibility of design

  • Cost-effective construction

  • Structural efficiency

  • Meet any structural design

  • Effective Transportation

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